Accelerating Technology from Concept to Market


Why was CTM Ventures formed?

CTM Ventures was formed to provide specific and relevant expertise in areas of product/business development where capital infusion alone does not suffice. Our experience has taught us that it is not enough to invest in an idea with just capital. This is why the CTM Ventures model of creating parallel paths of both business and technology development for each project through a hands-on project management approach along with building the right management team has the ability to greatly improve the success rates of each project.


How does CTM Ventures identify its pool or advisors?

Advisors are identified and ultimately selected based on historic personal and business interactions with its team of general partners and core group of advisors.  Each of our advisor team members have deep subject matter expertise and strong interest in developing and commercializing new technology and business.


How is CTM Ventures compensated?

Mutually agreed upon compensation arrangements between CTM Ventures and its clients typically come in three forms:

- Consultative fee for service

- Equity Stake

- A combination of the two


Is CTM Ventures focused on one particular business segment?

CTM is primarily focused on medical devices, biotech, healthcare technologies, food science, and technologies demonstrating leverage through disruptive cost reduction, productivity and accuracy potential.


Is CTM Ventures confined to a specific geography?

No.  While CTM Ventures is based in Maine and Massachusetts, it seeks out innovation both in domestic and foreign sources.