Accelerating Technology from Concept to Market


Concept to Market Accelerator

CTM Ventures provides expertise in all phases of product development through its robust network of seasoned business and technical professionals and capital sources. The goal is simple, that being to successfully deliver innovation to commercialization in the most thorough and productive manner.

CTM Ventures participates in projects as a co-founder. We take on management roles to secure the necessary early stage funds, develop projects, and fill the expertise gaps with our network of experienced advisors. CTM Ventures helps technologies and businesses through funding, technical assistance, networking, providing active management, design and prototyping, market and business development and ultimately leading to a final commercialized product to be licensed, acquired or operated.

CTM Ventures technology based projects are sourced from a variety of avenues that include but are not limited to private sector companies, higher education, industrial partners, non profit organizations and individuals in our network and advisors.

Our experiences have taught us that it is not enough to invest in an idea with capital alone.  The CTM Ventures model of assigning the appropriate advisors and management team while employing a hands-on approach affords the greatest opportunity for success with each individual project.

Our focus is in the healthcare, medical device, biotech, food science and industrial technologies that have a significant impact in solving a critical problem identified in that industry.